Turkeys return

This whole Brexit thing has sent mother into a tail spin. Of course she voted out, as she never wanted in, apparently Ted Heath will only be remembered for having a silly laugh and getting us into the EEC mess in the first place!. Mother has become incensed with Nicola Sturgeon and she keeps banging on that she should have stuck too being in the ‘Crankies’ In addition to this, mother is on the cusp of mounting a legal challenge to the voting system in that, if the Scotts could vote in the EU referendum, why cant we vote on their independence referendum and get them to sod  off. She is calling it ‘Joxit’

She is also desperate for Boris to stay in the fight as Gove would worry parents in playgrounds and suspects he smells of Werthers Originals.  Theresa May is bordering on being a member of “The Muffia!”and needs to get her eye bags looked at.

As for Jeremy Corbyn, she cant stop laughing and wants to dance on his grave singing Hallelujah.

I try and placate her but its not much use, she says , we have got Britain back and should brick up the Cannel tunnel. Im not sure how much more Xenophobia I can take.


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